General Information

This is to introduce user the important information about using MCTA RentalGuy, we recommended user to read this chapter before you start.

These included:

  • Introduction -
    MCTA RentalGuy is designed to make it easy for landlord who have multiple houses to keep track of landlord's important rental information...
  •  Software Interface -
    To illustrate MCTA RentalGuy rental property management software interface by using diagram...
  • System Requirements -
    To install your MCTA RentalGuy you need to know what about your system requirement for hardware and software... 
  • Register and Activation -
    To use full function of MCTA RentalGuy, your MCTA RentalGuy must be registed and activated by MCTA Pty Ltd through internet connection...
  • Install and Uninstall Software -
    To install and uninstall MCTA RentalGuy...

Please read HERE for how to start MCTA RentalGuy.

Please see HERE for more information.

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